• We’d like to thank all the amazing men and women who minister to orphans!

    Effective work with traumatized children is carried out through personal relationships with a living person rather than through compliance with the general regime of a soulless system.

    10 family-style orphanages are currently members of “My Home” and we are aiming for more!

    Listening for hours to people who serve orphans, we are once again convinced that they are in great need of support and understanding from the society and government.

    They are the ones who do this priceless work for the benefit of society, but the society , in its turn, values this work at a very low rate and oftentimes takes a jab at it

    Foster parents and caregivers of family-style orphanages sometimes have to listen to harsh, unfair words.

    You know, it’s hard enough to find parents today who have no problems raising their biological kids, who, it would seem, have not suffered serious psychological and physical injuries. And yet, even raising “our” children, we are faced with very difficult challenges.

    Imagine what parents who raise “abandoned for the state” traumatized children deal with every day. Yes, they receive money for keeping the children and a meager salary for the love and care they give every single day from the “resources” of their hearts. And many people, by the way, believe that these resources are inexhaustible.

    The purpose of the abovementioned is to help the society change its biased attitude towards foster parents and caregivers of family-style orphanages. Show more understanding and respect for those who have chosen the best profession in the world – to be mom and dad for an abandoned child!

    (Zeleny Pid OTG) of Kakhovka Rayon of Kherson Region. It was held in Zeleny Pid Village Council.
    The meeting was attended by the head of the community, Галина Лобунько (Galina Lobunko), professionals of the village council, project manager of “Ridna Zemlia” (Homeland, Kakhovka), Людмила Августинович (Lyudmila Avgustinovich), the team of My Home (Kherson), Юрий Маринчак (Yuri Marinchak), Alexander Gordenko, Executive Director of “My Home” Center of Family and Parenthood Development (Kherson), Павел Смоляков (Pavel Smolyakov) and church pastor, chaplain and active volunteer, Yevgeny Taran.
    Also, the village council was attended by representatives of different NGOs, Sunday school teachers, educators and teachers of educational institutions, social workers, media representatives and a group of active citizens from the village of Korobky, who care about children and want to learn from the experience of creating children’s daycare center and social support center for children and families (
    📌 One of the main goals of this meeting was to discuss and analyze assessment of the needs of families, children and the elderly living in the territory of OTG in order to ensure efficiency and feasibility of the services that will be offered to the residents.
    Our team was impressed with the success of this OTG. Galina Lobunko has been leading the village council for 17 years (2 of them as head of the OTG). She talked about her team’s work.
    Over the past years, community leaders have established playgrounds, built a sports ground, improved the level of medical services at the level of OTG, made a lot of capital repairs in educational institutions, are repairing the roads and lighting involving both the community budget and the state budget…
    “2 years of Decentralization reform have brought so many positive results. If only people understood this and joined the work instead of waiting for someone to come from somewhere and do something good for them “, Galina noted.
    By the way, this Community takes 2 or 3 place on self-sufficiency in the region.📌
    What steps did we discuss?
    1. Assessment of people’s needs – preparation of analytical report
    2. Development of a model of services
    3. Calculation of the cost of services
    4. Training
    5. Planning implementation of the model
    Capable community means wholesome country! The community should be open to ensuring well-being of its families and children.
    We sincerely thank our partners:
    NGO “Ridna Zemlia” (“Homeland” Kakhovka) and powerful team of the International Leadership Development Center (МЦРЛ Україна, Kyiv)

    To be continued!

  • Last week, our partners, NGO “Ridna Zemlia” (Homeland) and a group of Christian volunteers organized a real celebration for kids from the village of Korobky to celebrate the start of summer holidays.

    The kids were delighted with everything that was organized for them by the team that Zhenia Bondarenko gathered. We hope that they will remember this day of school camp in a special way!

    We sincerely thank the director of school, Olga Tkach and all the teaching staff for their hospitality.

    Also, we express our gratitude to the leadership of NGO “Ridna zemlia” (Homeland) for allocating funds for this children’s event.

    More pictures:

    #ПутьСлуженияДетям День 5 – с.Коробки, Каховского района. Часть 2

    Posted by Katerina Zefirchik on Thursday, June 6, 2019

    Trampoline, puppet theater, extremely creative crafts, tasty and useful goodies – all of this added even more colors to the program of school summer camp.

  • Over 100 children, who live in crisis families, celebrated the Feast of Christs’s Resurrection with our team.
    Friendly atmosphere, fun hosts, gifts and sweets, active games and interesting Easter program from families of the Ministry and teenagers from the Center of social integration – we prepared all of this to help families feel the atmosphere of this bright spring holiday.
    While the children played games, their parents were invited to communicate with the team of “My Home” Family and Parenthood Development Center in a separate auditorium. In general, only mothers or grandmothers came with their children. It was immediately evident how unusual this atmosphere of good, sincere, easy communication is for them, where people are attentive and respectful to them.
    As a rule, our mercantile society disdains poverty. Being poor is not a crime. And we have no right to devalue people with low income, stigmatize or judge them. In general, judging people is not the matter of human hands, but God’s, unless, of course, we are talking about an administrative or criminal offense.
    Every family, which, for various reasons, found themselves in a difficult or crisis situation, deserves a “helping hand”. It’s another matter whether they will use it wisely or not. But, the family definitely needs it.
    The ability of local community, in general, depends on its careful attitude to each member of society. And “It’s no concern of mine” attitude will sooner or later lead to a self-centered society that survives satisfying its needs by suppressing the needs of others.
    This phenomenon is already widely observed in our society. Unfortunately.
    Our objective is not to be indifferent to the needs of other people. Timely provided support to a family, that is in a difficult or crisis situation, can prevent alcoholism, domestic violence, divorce and removal of children from families.
    Community unity is a very powerful thing. Imagine a state in which people stand up for each other with all their might, worry about the well-being of their neighbors, are able to share and help those in need – who will be able to harm such a state?
    Indifference is the scourge of modernity. Don’t cultivate this shortcoming.

    Manager of our project to support families in crisis:
    Lyudmila Afanasyeva – ‎095 418 15 61
    We are grateful to the Children’s Service of the Department of Youth and Sports of Kherson City Council for close cooperation

  • Yesterday evening, we, along with the Ministry’s team, took a hundred Easter breads to Kherson regional children’s home. Such Easter sweets were given to children by a wonderful cafe of our city “Coco”.
    We are very grateful to entrepreneurs who are not indifferent to social work and are always open to help, and often are the initiators of support.

  • It is evident that in recent years indifference to human needs is growing with each year. Public organizations, before helping a person in need, analyze severity of the person’s situation and only after multiple meetings make their decisions. But time goes by and as experience shows, sometimes assistance comes too late. “My Home” Orphans’ Ministry, in addition to the main goal – to see Ukraine without orphans, also has a goal to unite efforts and to provide timely assistance to people who are in a crisis situation.


  • Sergei Tikhonenko is a cheerful and vibrant guy who is not afraid of hard work, graduate of Oleshki orphanage for children with disabilities.
    Cерый Тихон

  • We are grateful to the public organization “Ukrainian Union of People with Disabilities “Ridna Zemlia” (Homeland) for financial support, thanks to which My Home Orphans’ Ministry contributed to arrangement of a bathroom for Olga Melnyk. Currently, remodeling works are still ongoing.


  • On March 17 and 18 the team of Kherson mentorship project conducted a training based on Mentors training program for orphans and children deprived of parental Care in the Church of Nativity (Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region). The training was attended by 10 people, whose hearts were set on this type of helping children.


  • Again, a new group of prospective adoptive parents and caretakers visited NGO “Center of family and parenthood development”. It is always moving and new, it is expectation, desire to plunge into the subject, new experiences and new friends.


  • We all love surprises and variety in our lives, that’s why another one and so traditional by now Day of Birthday Child in Tsurupinsk orphanage was celebrated in an unusual way.

    IMG_9372 - копия

  • On February 19 our team visited the Church of Christ the Savior (Kherson) to encourage and inspire parishioners to new service projects. We presented the project of helping families who are in difficult circumstances, mentorship for children raised in institutions, adaptation center for graduates of orphanages. We also voiced the importance of creating daycare centers and centers of early intervention in Kherson for children at risk because we all strive to improve the social situation in the region and in the country as a whole.

  • This motto united Kherson region during the regional conference dedicated to the issues of improving the quality of social services to vulnerable population groups, such as disabled children, orphans and families in difficult life circumstances.

    On January 27, at the premises of the tourist complex “Fregat” there was the first thematic conference of the regional level. It brought up the question of development of social services in Kherson region. The conference brought together over 300 participants. Without exaggeration, it was a significant event for the entire region. During the conference, they discussed current problems in the social sphere both in Kherson region and in Ukraine.


  • January 3 to 5 the team of OM “My Home” had training on “Key aspects of care for orphans and children deprived of parental care” in Odessa Messianic Synagogue “Gates of Zion”. It was a great time of learning, communication and getting new skills.
  • On December 30 in the auditorium of Orphan’s Ministry “My Home” everyone could feel the atmosphere of goodwill, happiness and celebration. To welcome guests of our winter meeting in the best possible way, everybody was getting ready: team of “My Home”, graduates of orphanages, families and children of families living in the center of social adaptation. And each of them had their own assignment: some greeted guests, some took pictures and some made tea, held contests, sang carols or responsibly set up microphones and turn on the music. The event was also joined by boys and girls who graduated from Tsyurupynsk orphanage. Everyone who was involved in organizing the celebration really wanted large families with low income and families in crisis that were guests of the Ministry to feel the support and care from our side.


  • A round table was held in the conference room of the Regional Orphan’s Ministry “My Home” which brought together representatives of charitable organizations of Kherson. The reason for this meeting was planning of the regional conference “Healing family – building the future”. This conference will be held by initiative of the Council of Christian Churches of Kherson region, Alliance “Ukraine without orphans” and Orphans’ Ministry “My Home”.


  • In order to promote the vision of “My Home” Orphans’ Ministry, our staff visited two churches in Kakhovka area over the last month and had one information meeting.

  • There was a training with this subject for foster parents, it united both new and experienced parents who shared their professional experience. Hot debates, “for” and “against”, theory and practice, inspiring life stories… The day went by in one breath; each participant has deepened their knowledge in this area to make their choice more consciously and deliberately.

  • International Volunteer Day was founded in 1985 by the UN General Assembly. In Ukraine the volunteer day was officially recognized ten years ago. This is the only day in the year when awards are given not for scientific achievement or demonstrated courage but for caring hearts.


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