• Last week, on November 29, the executive committee held a working meeting between the mayor of Nova Kakhovka Vladimir Kovalenko and advisor to Mayor Yuri Kobtsov with the chairman of Kherson Regional Orphan’s Ministry “My Home” Yuri Marynchak and bishop, pastor of the Church of the Nativity Sergei Voznyuk. The meeting was dedicated to social work with the most vulnerable people, such as orphans, children with disabilities and families who found themselves in difficult circumstances.


  • It is not the first time that the training hall of “Center for Family and Parenthood” received adoptive parents and caregivers who come from different areas of Kherson region for advanced training. Three days were full and bright. Training participants together with trainers discussed trauma consequences, “brain chemistry” of a traumatized child, attachment, its importance in the life of any child and how it can be developed.

  • Volunteers-psychologists of “My Home” Kherson Regional Orphans’ Ministry hold group sessions of soul care for boys and girls of the Center of Social Adaptation of graduates. These sessions are working on personality in treatment of soul wounds.


  • Every Monday at the Center of Adaptation for orphanage graduates there are classes on touch typing method or ten-finger method of typing on the computer with the help of Christian program “Scripta”.

  • One of important projects of “My Home” Orphans’ Ministry is the Center of social adaptation for orphanage graduates. A whole schedule of socialization events useful and necessary for future life was developed for the graduates. And one of them is training on financial literacy, conducted by Dmitry Ostapenko.


  • That was the name of training for adoptive and foster parents from the Institute of Child Development. David Little was the speaker. Fifty parents came to learn how to build relationships based on trust.

  • On September 22 children from Tsurupinsk orphanage visited McDonald’s in Kherson! This pleasant visit became possible thanks to the team of “My Home” ministry and international mission “Agape”.

    This trip was a part of “Birthday child day”, which is held every three months for children of the orphanage. But birthday celebration in McDonald’s was held for the first and we hope that it will become a tradition. The team of McDonald’s promised to arrange a similar surprise for future birthday boys and girls.
    IMG_1532 IMG_1489

  • From April 9 till June 25 in Kherson and Nikolaev regions the team of “My Home” ministry had a true marathon with training program of International Center for Leadership Development (ICLD) “Key aspects of care for orphans and children deprived of parental care”. Psychologists and social teachers of Nova Kahovka schools, foster parents participating in “My Home” and from Kherson Center of Social Services for Children and Youth, mentors of children in orphanages from “One Hope”, teachers of Christian ethics for orphans from “Agape” mission, pastors and ministers of some local churches took part in the training.


  • On April 15 we told children about the true meaning of Easter holiday, and puppet theatre of “Living Spring” church helped us to make it bright, colorful and fun.

  • On March 18 there was a training seminar “Pedagogical correction of aggressive behavior” at the conference hall of Gornostayevka employment center.
    About 40 parents, as well as psychologists, social workers and social services professionals gathered to determine forms of aggression, to diversify their ways of dealing with anger to help children in these matters.

  • On April 4 there was a meeting of “My Home” parents. The subject was “How to become friends with a teenager”.
  • Orphan’s ministry “My Home” bought physiotherapy equipment for Kherson Regional Children’s Home. The family of John and Wendy Schwab sponsored it.

  • On March 1-2 the team and volunteers of Orphans Ministry “My Home” visited the Ukrainian military in Artiomovsk. The reason for the visit was to support the guys from the 30th mechanized brigade of tank battalion with their presence, detergents and personal care products, as well as various useful treats.

  • On February 21, 2015, as part of improving the educational level, there were two workshops held for “My Home” parents: “No to bribery” and “Home education as an alternative to modern school education in the light of Christian teaching activities”.

  • Centre for distribution of clothing and shoes from Orphans Minstry “My Home” for displaced people from the area of ATO has started working again

    Prior to that, the team and volunteers of “My Home” carried out this work in a facility provided by Dneprovsky executive committee of Kherson for two months. After this period, the project had to be suspended.

  • On January 29 of this year there was a training “Improving the efficiency of staff for My Home” employees. The invited speaker was a certified trainer of NGO “International Center for Development and Leadership” (Kiev) Yelena Andrukhovich.

  • On December 13 of this year, “My Home” has organized a series of workshops for parents on current issues in education and upbringing. Alexander Vyalov was the author and presenter, he’s also a teacher, teacher-trainer, founder of private Christian school “The beginning of wisdom”, the pastor of “Living Hope” church, the author of the book “The pundits of God” and video tutorials “The Bible in experiments” on You Tube.

  • With the onset of cold weather Ukrainian army is trying to insulate its positions. With this purpose “My Home”  handed 6 cubes of wooden boards to the soldiers for insulation of dugouts.
    We want the cold of war to end so much and the warmth of God’s love to melt the hearts of all the participants of military activities …

  • CF “My Home” together with the company “I’M FAMILY” had a family weekend for our parents from October 24 till October 26. It was a time of rest, romance, fun, games, and a bit of training. A romantic candlelight dinner became the culmination of the weekend and the most touching and sensual event was the ceremony of marriage covenant renewal… Everything can not be described in words… but some of the participants tried to do it.

    «We have reconsidered our relationship in many aspects, learned a lot of valuable information for us personally and for our family in general. We’d like to see more families find out what family happiness is, to do this you need to go on a family weekend. Come and you will not regret it»


    Aleksandr and Svetlana

    «My wife and I learned a lot of useful information. We’ve been married for 20 years, but we always had questions we didn’t know how to solve. But now we know the reasons and methods to solve those questions, practical exercises strengthened our knowledge. Also it was a good rest for us»

    Nikolai and Lyudmila

    «When we came here, we had questions. We were looking for answers and were confident that God will answer us. Leaving our everyday routine, we heard God; all the questions where we had flaws were discussed. Meetings like this are important for us, because they help to renew our relationship, you can look at your second half in a new way and get to know each other again. After returning home, we will do many things differently. Many thanks to all the organizers of this project»

    Aleksandr and Vita

    «This weekend was a gift from the Lord! Our family really enjoyed it; the whole atmosphere was created in romantic spirit. Every detail was though through. Perfect training, which wonderfully combined theory and practice. Great games that had spiritual, biblical conclusions. Thanks to all who worked to create it all! May the Lord multiply all the blessings we have received for our family!»

    Aleksandr and Victoria

    «We were very blessed by every moment of our stay. It really opens the “second wind” for the family. We enjoyed fellowship with each other, fellowship with other families. The seminars were really useful, they helped us to understand each other better, hear one another, we got a lot of advice on how to be a happy family. Thank you!

    Yuri and Oksana

    «We loved the trainings, they helped us to tell each other a lot and strengthen our relationship. Also we loved the romantic evening, which was organized for us to be able feel in love again and feel the notes of our first feelings. Many thanks to everyone!!!

    Sergei and Olga

    «We were in a small fairy tale. Thanks to you we were able to take a break from monotonous abyss of endless cares, look around and admire the beauty of every day, pay attention to our second halves, hear each other better. Your humor and vision on the other hand, helped us to make our attitudes more active and learn to decorate our life in favor of the family. We learned that one happy family can make other families happier and the greatest reward will be that our children’s families will want to be like us!!!»

    Vladimir and Alla

  • Today in Ukraine there are many families who, because of military operations had to leave the area of ATO. “My Home” Foundation has decided not to stay away, and for several months is actively engaged in assistance to refugees. During this time, 60 families were accommodated; food aid and basic necessities for them were provided as well.

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