Celebrating Easter

Over 100 children, who live in crisis families, celebrated the Feast of Christs’s Resurrection with our team.
Friendly atmosphere, fun hosts, gifts and sweets, active games and interesting Easter program from families of the Ministry and teenagers from the Center of social integration – we prepared all of this to help families feel the atmosphere of this bright spring holiday.
While the children played games, their parents were invited to communicate with the team of “My Home” Family and Parenthood Development Center in a separate auditorium. In general, only mothers or grandmothers came with their children. It was immediately evident how unusual this atmosphere of good, sincere, easy communication is for them, where people are attentive and respectful to them.
As a rule, our mercantile society disdains poverty. Being poor is not a crime. And we have no right to devalue people with low income, stigmatize or judge them. In general, judging people is not the matter of human hands, but God’s, unless, of course, we are talking about an administrative or criminal offense.
Every family, which, for various reasons, found themselves in a difficult or crisis situation, deserves a “helping hand”. It’s another matter whether they will use it wisely or not. But, the family definitely needs it.
The ability of local community, in general, depends on its careful attitude to each member of society. And “It’s no concern of mine” attitude will sooner or later lead to a self-centered society that survives satisfying its needs by suppressing the needs of others.
This phenomenon is already widely observed in our society. Unfortunately.
Our objective is not to be indifferent to the needs of other people. Timely provided support to a family, that is in a difficult or crisis situation, can prevent alcoholism, domestic violence, divorce and removal of children from families.
Community unity is a very powerful thing. Imagine a state in which people stand up for each other with all their might, worry about the well-being of their neighbors, are able to share and help those in need – who will be able to harm such a state?
Indifference is the scourge of modernity. Don’t cultivate this shortcoming.

Manager of our project to support families in crisis:
Lyudmila Afanasyeva – ‎095 418 15 61
We are grateful to the Children’s Service of the Department of Youth and Sports of Kherson City Council for close cooperation