Round table with charitable organizations

A round table was held in the conference room of the Regional Orphan’s Ministry “My Home” which brought together representatives of charitable organizations of Kherson. The reason for this meeting was planning of the regional conference “Healing family – building the future”. This conference will be held by initiative of the Council of Christian Churches of Kherson region, Alliance “Ukraine without orphans” and Orphans’ Ministry “My Home”.


The following organizations were at the meeting: “Sunny children of Kherson”, “League of Social Workers”, and organization of large families “Tree”, Promise” and a representative of “Regional Development Agency of Tavriya Territorial Communities”



The main topics of discussion were the tools of social work to prevent child abandonment in Kherson region, such as:

  • Foster families
  • Mentoriship
  • Early Intervention Center
  • Daycare Center
  • Work with families in difficult circumstances
  • Center for Adaptation of graduates
  • Training Center (on the base of OM “My Home”)
  • Social Taxi

Also we hope that through these discussions and joint efforts around the issue of child abandonment from the representatives of government, business, social services, charitable organizations and religious leaders this problem will be solved not only in our Kherson region but throughout Ukraine!