Secret – to be or not to be?

There was a training with this subject for foster parents, it united both new and experienced parents who shared their professional experience. Hot debates, “for” and “against”, theory and practice, inspiring life stories… The day went by in one breath; each participant has deepened their knowledge in this area to make their choice more consciously and deliberately.

In general, the issue of cancellation of adoption secret has now gained wide publicity and discussion. Many adoptive parents expressed offers both “for” and “against” on this matter. The issue really does require serious consideration, taking into account all the risks, experience of other countries, public opinion and above all creating a positive attitude to adoption, adoptive parents and adopted children.



Of course, among disadvantages of secrecy of adoption is the fact that is complicates implementation of proper control over adopted children for various services for children. Today it is impossible to formally apply to health authorities, educational institutions to get information about the child’s medical records, attendance of kindergartens, studying in schools because it will be considered violation of the right of adoptive parents for secrecy of adoption. At the same time the desire to preserve secrecy of adoption against excessive and not always positive public attention to adoptive parents themselves and adopted children is understandable.
But no matter what choice adoptive parents make, the most important for the child is to feel loved.