Joining forces we cover needs

It is evident that in recent years indifference to human needs is growing with each year. Public organizations, before helping a person in need, analyze severity of the person’s situation and only after multiple meetings make their decisions. But time goes by and as experience shows, sometimes assistance comes too late. “My Home” Orphans’ Ministry, in addition to the main goal – to see Ukraine without orphans, also has a goal to unite efforts and to provide timely assistance to people who are in a crisis situation.


Public organization “Ukrainian Union of people with disabilities “Ridna Zemlia” (“Homeland”) helps us in this. We are grateful for timely and prompt financial support of our initiatives. In 2017, thanks to the support of NGO “Ridna Zemlia”, we were able to provide assistance to many people with disabilities. We paid for Nadia Koshel’s checkup and treatment of her disease. And thanks to timely support, she has recovered and her health has improved. “My Home” Orphans’ Ministry does not aim at loud PR of its activities, but it is important for us to publicly thank organizations and individuals who assist and support us. Thanks to this, we try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and provide prompt support.