The Ministry’s mission is to reduce the rate of growth of the number of orphans in Ukraine through adoption by Christian families, thus changing the future of our country.

Tasks of the Ministry:

To provide and look for parents for orphans;

To motivate and involve Christians in projects of ministering to orphans;

Family counseling in matters of law, finance, education, guardianship, custody;

Assistance in completion of documents for adoption;

To influence the formation of government social policy and the legislative process in the area of child protection.


Every child has extraordinary value both in the society and before God.

Every child has the right to family, love, the right to protection.

Every Christian has a responsibility before God to help orphans.

Church is called to develop Christian values in families, with parents and children.

Family is a place where the child can and should feel like a complete person.

Priority goal of our Ministry is to help every child find a family.