Why do “good parents” raise “problematic” children ?!

Why do “good parents” raise “problematic” children ?!
Dear parents, “My Home” Regional Training Center starts 2020 with a seminar on a very relevant topic: “How to build quality emotional connection with your child?”
On January 24-25, we invite everyone willing to learn how to build strong relationships with their children, that will withstand any “storms” (adolescence, school years, etc.).
Unfortunately, quite often we see examples of families in which “good” parents raise “problematic” children. They choose “their own” values, are often deaf to their parents’ words, don’t listen to their advice, ignore all arguments, persuasions and ultimatums. It seems that everything their parents tried to teach them, everything they “invested” diligently in raising them was in vain.
The fact is that, first and foremost, you need to build quality and strong emotional connection with your child. Before setting rules, instructing, disciplining, or hoping your personal example will have an impact on your child, which most people think should “work”, you should work to build trusting relationship with your child.
The strength and quality of these relationships will determine to what extent your son or daughter will follow your example, listen to what you say and what will the response to “disciplinary action” be.
Studies have shown that children who did not have good and trusting relationship with their parents are more likely to become ill and achieve less success in life than those who had good communication with their parents and called them friends.
This is what the training “How to build quality emotional connection with your child” will be about.
The knowledge you will gain will forever change your relationship with the children you raise, teach, or serve. Thousands of parents and professionals who have undergone such training can attest to this.
Olga Oliynyk, wife of the trainer and founder of the School of Marriage, Oliinyk Oleh, mother of two children, family psychologist, crisis psychotherapist. Olga is a trainer of the International Child Development Program and has extensive experience working directly with children.
Duration: two days;
Number of participants: up to 60 people
We start on Friday, January 24 at 4 p.m.
Registration by phone number: +38 050 250 43 71 (Yulia)
registration from January 13 to January 19 – 200 UAH
Registration from January 20 to January 23 is 250 UAH
Registration on the day of the training – 300 UAH
Seating is limited!
Call today!
What each participant will receive:
effective knowledge that will be used practically in their families as well as at work (in ministry);
educational handouts (many videos) that can be used to share knowledge with other parents (staff, volunteers);
Certificate of training;