About children born with gadgets in their hands

It is believed that every twenty years a new generation is born, whose worldview is strikingly different from previous generations. They have other values, character, mission.
1963 – 1984 – Generation X was born
1984 – 2000 – generation Y time
after 2000 – Generation Z
And today we are facing the arrival of a new generation Alpha (α) with children born during the rapid development of technology and social changes. They are raised by parents from Generations X and Y, who sometimes do not realize the huge difference between the approach to parenting that was applied to them and the one they should use with their children today.
👉Most often, it’s impossible to force them to do something. Method of forcing does not work with them. They show great interest in knowledge, but only if they understand why they need it. Therefore, with ultimatums, intimidation, threats, irrational punishments, modern parents will not succeed in raising their children.
WAY OUT: try to negotiate, cooperate, encourage and skillfully praise.
👉They receive a large amount of information every day. However, there are problems with perception, uptake and practical application of this information. Free access to Internet enables people to find out anything at any time. All history of the world is in your child’s pocket. Being filled with a variety of information, which is not built in a clear logical sequence in a person’s head and has no practical application, leads to defocusing and chaotic thinking. Often, children cannot concentrate and have problems with sitting still.
WAY OUT: Help them express their thoughts. Ask what new things did they learn today? How they can apply this information. Show interest in what they tell you. Children should not be “left alone with the information” they receive daily.
👉They are addicted to technology, busy with several things at the same time, very responsive.
WAY OUT: Limit their online time. Teach them to plan their time and write down the tasks they need to accomplish.
Last week we had a very useful seminar by Elena Yakovenko at our training center. Much was said about the way children think and the impact of intensive technology development on their worldview, skills and character.
We believe that everyone who attended this event received a lot of useful and practical information