One of meaningful events of 2015 was the opening of “Christian Center of Family and Parenthood Development” on August 7.
Nothing is impossible for God, so dreams have become reality during one year.

“Christian Center of Family and Parenthood Development” is a modern complex for living, leisure and education of parents, children and graduates of orphanages.

On the base of the Center there is a six-room and two three-room apartments, they are home for families with children who have been adopted or fostered. Twelve orphanage graduates, including those with special needs, live in three one-room apartments.
Under the care of families and mentors young boys and girls have the opportunity to adapt to adult independent life.
Foster families with many children who live in the Center are an example and model of family relationship, attitude to maternal and parental responsibilities and of building relationships with others in life in general.
Mutual help and support based on Christian ethics become models of life with love and the Lord in your heart.
Program of socialization for each student involves trainings to overcome the consequences of trauma:
• studying the Word of God
• joint planning of personal budget
• legal education
• forming the standard of healthy habits
• cooking classes
• and master classes on cleaning and washing
• health care, care for clothing and footwear
• joint outdoor and on-site activities, excursions, sports entertainment.

This should help young men and women become independent later in life.
Currently 19 young boys and girls have gone through and continue to go through social adaptation at the Center.