The state can overcome the problem of child abandonment!!! But one of conditions for this is family as an instrument, development of family placement forms rather than a system of institutional care for children

We’d like to thank all the amazing men and women who minister to orphans!

Effective work with traumatized children is carried out through personal relationships with a living person rather than through compliance with the general regime of a soulless system.

10 family-style orphanages are currently members of “My Home” and we are aiming for more!

Listening for hours to people who serve orphans, we are once again convinced that they are in great need of support and understanding from the society and government.

They are the ones who do this priceless work for the benefit of society, but the society , in its turn, values this work at a very low rate and oftentimes takes a jab at it

Foster parents and caregivers of family-style orphanages sometimes have to listen to harsh, unfair words.

You know, it’s hard enough to find parents today who have no problems raising their biological kids, who, it would seem, have not suffered serious psychological and physical injuries. And yet, even raising “our” children, we are faced with very difficult challenges.

Imagine what parents who raise “abandoned for the state” traumatized children deal with every day. Yes, they receive money for keeping the children and a meager salary for the love and care they give every single day from the “resources” of their hearts. And many people, by the way, believe that these resources are inexhaustible.

The purpose of the abovementioned is to help the society change its biased attitude towards foster parents and caregivers of family-style orphanages. Show more understanding and respect for those who have chosen the best profession in the world – to be mom and dad for an abandoned child!