Where there’s healthy family there’s healthy society

Last week, on November 29, the executive committee held a working meeting between the mayor of Nova Kakhovka Vladimir Kovalenko and advisor to Mayor Yuri Kobtsov with the chairman of Kherson Regional Orphan’s Ministry “My Home” Yuri Marynchak and bishop, pastor of the Church of the Nativity Sergei Voznyuk. The meeting was dedicated to social work with the most vulnerable people, such as orphans, children with disabilities and families who found themselves in difficult circumstances.


“One of the core values of our society is the family. Where do drug addicts, thieves, maniacs come from? From the family! If we aim our efforts at the family as the root, we can make the whole society healthier”, Yuri Marynchak says. To confirm his words he gave an impressive statistics, which states that after leaving orphanages every second child commits a crime, one in five becomes homeless, every seventh attempts suicide and only 1% of orphans get higher education.

OM “My Home” exists since 2002 and today actively cooperates with government social institutions, has qualified staff and support of sponsors. The Ministry implements several large programs. Among them: placement of children into families; support and assistance for children who have a family; support for families who found themselves in difficult circumstances; Center for Social Adaptation of graduates; mentorship project for orphans; educational and training activities and others.

According to Yuri Marynchak, today the Ministry decided to share these projects and experience of their implementation with the entire region and Nova Kakhovka City Council, among others. Church of Nativity in Nova Kakhovka was the first to express readiness to cooperate: “We have human resources, willingness and readiness of the church to work in these areas, moreover, in this area we have a lot of experience, skilled professionals and potential volunteers, not money seekers”, – said bishop Sergey Voznyuk.

It should be noted that during the first working meeting agreement was reached on the need to deepen cooperation in this area in order to address issues of orphanhood in Nova Kakhovka. Indeed, as noted by the mayor, to date, the city has a lot of children and families who need help to build their own healthy and happy destiny. In the near future specialists of the Ministry are scheduled to meet with state, public and religious organizations of the city, which then could be members and volunteers of these projects.