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Children have the right to grow up in a family

This is evidenced not only in the Bible but also the laws of Ukraine. Children should grow up natural conditions, which is the family

Home for us

This is not a physical structure that has a roof, windows, doors. All this, as well as clothing, food, and shoes just have children in boarding schools, orphanages, shelters, and in sufficient quantity. But this is not enough. Home is the place where you are accepted, loved, protected, regardless of the circumstances and difficulties in your life, the place where you are always welcome, and where you are willing to return again and again, your vault.

Our dream

to every child in Ukraine has found his family and children who already have it, there were really happy!

Although we are not opponents of international adoption, but the goal of our Foundation is to help children find Their Home here, in Ukraine, and we are not focused on assistance to foreign nationalities. However, we will be able to give You contact details for where you will be able to answer all Your questions.

We sincerely welcome all

who will not only show interest in direct participation, but also for those who will be able to support us in prayers, good advice and help correct errors.