Celebration in a circle of friends!

On December 30 in the auditorium of Orphan’s Ministry “My Home” everyone could feel the atmosphere of goodwill, happiness and celebration. To welcome guests of our winter meeting in the best possible way, everybody was getting ready: team of “My Home”, graduates of orphanages, families and children of families living in the center of social adaptation. And each of them had their own assignment: some greeted guests, some took pictures and some made tea, held contests, sang carols or responsibly set up microphones and turn on the music. The event was also joined by boys and girls who graduated from Tsyurupynsk orphanage. Everyone who was involved in organizing the celebration really wanted large families with low income and families in crisis that were guests of the Ministry to feel the support and care from our side.


Guests of the program saw and heard:

  • Famous carols “Good evening to you, Dear Host”, “Joy is Here Now”
  • Greetings from director of the Ministry – Yuri Marynchak
  • Christmas play performed by the children
  • Energetic dances
  • Fun contests
  • Unexpected salute of fireworks
  • And, of course, gifts

After such events the following statement became more clear: “Truly happy is the one who makes others happy!”