Training in a Messianic synagogue!
January 3 to 5 the team of OM “My Home” had training on “Key aspects of care for orphans and children deprived of parental care” in Odessa Messianic Synagogue “Gates of Zion”. It was a great time of learning, communication and getting new skills.

According to the participants:
“I realized the importance of ensuring the child’s safety, being constant in your care and relations, surrounding by love and understanding …”
“I was struck by the topic of discipline. The power of encouragement, safety, the right words,  not saying “No” harshly, self-control, develop relationship with the child …”
“Physical punishment worsens relationships and does not lead to behavior change. Encouragements strengthen relationships and produce long-term results …”
“The past is very important to a child, you should try to keep the relationship with biological family and reduce the level of trauma …”
It was a time of mutual influence, our team learned a lot about the features of raising children in Jewish families, as well as shared modern methods of parenting, expanding common understanding of this issue along with the participants of the training.