You always want to encourage diligence!

Sergei Tikhonenko is a cheerful and vibrant guy who is not afraid of hard work, graduate of Oleshki orphanage for children with disabilities.
Cерый Тихон

Sergei works as assembler and decorator at Kherson Academic Music and Drama Theater named after Nikolai Kulish.

 Vasily Sukhomlinsky said that we can have hundreds of teachers and mentors by our side, but their work will be in vain if we are not able to bring ourselves to work hard and demand effective work from ourselves on a daily basis.

And indeed, it is true. Sergei, having a disability, did not give up because of so-called “learned helplessness”. He chose the path of making money on his own and even takes care of his grandmother.

Thanks to financial support of the public organization “Union of people with disabilities of Ukraine “Ridna Zemlya” (Homeland) our ministry helped Sergei with remodeling of his apartment. We bought building materials, windows and doors.

There is always a great desire to help purpose-driven people. We are grateful to those who bless us with resources and opportunities to make these dreams a reality.